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How to Order

How To order A driver's license from us:

The peculiar thing about ordering an original driving license from us from any country is the details. To clarify more, first of all we need the category of the driving license you want to buy. Secondly, we need to know specifically what country’s driving license you want to buy. Then we also need to know the particular code if applicable such as code 95. Also we need to have your personal details and all these have been simplified into a driving license application form which you should fill. These factors determine the price of the driving license you have to buy so once you submit the form, one of our agents will meet you with the details. Click HERE to Apply for a driving license.

How To order A Passport from us:

Ordering a passport is not much different from ordering a driving license. The difference come in with the requirements when you want to buy an original passport. In the first place, an original passport will need to have a record of biometrics (which means the client will have to provide a photo of fingerprints). Secondly, client will have to precise which country’s passport they want and which type of passport (regular passport or diplomatic passport). Then we normally will need the rest of the client’s personal details. To conclude, Click HERE to fill in the passport application form.

How to order An id card from us:

An id card which is the most fundamental document for personal identification needs all your basic information to be able to process and issue one. Therefore, a client is expected to provide all his or her personal details and in some cases the parent’s names as well. In addition to these, for a registered id card, biometric data will be compulsory. Hence, id card clients should be sure to provide their thumb prints. Click HERE to apply for id cards.

How to order A residence permit from us:

To order a residence permit from our company, you should know that the prices of the residence permit depend on what country’s residence permit you buy. Also, the prices of the residence permits will also depend on how many years of validity of the residence permit you want. Therefore, in ordering for a residence permit, you should be sure to contact our agents and provide the correct information. There after, you will be guided to getting the right residence permit at the best price. Click HERE to contact our agents for a residence permit.

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