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To Buy Malta drivers License is a privilege’s because it safe you time and money. How ever, Malta drivers License cost will depend on the Category of interest.  People who are interested in driving a Normal car will obviously order a category B drivers license. Never the less, You can still Order additional categories from us at once. Eligibility for Higher categories always require that you stay 1 year after passing the B test. but with us, we can provide higher categories at once. 

Malta Driver’s License online are renewable every 10 years for those under 70 years of age, or 5 years for those over 70 years. Instructions and further information on how to renew the driving license is found here. Contact us now and get your MALTA DRIVER’S LICENCE ONLINE with no stress


If you have to pass through the Legal way to obtain a drivers License from Malta, it will not take you less than 3 months to do so. this is because you have to register in the driving school, study and pass the test. The driving test include the theory and the practical exam. Some times, you get very nervous and find it difficult to pass the Practical exam. Whereas you actually know how to drive.

Authentic documentation brings a remedy to all your problems. You now sit at home, relax and just contact us to buy Malta drivers License which is legally registered in the database. Safe time now. Same Money. Just with your phone, you place place an Order.


There are several benefits to owning a Malta driver’s license. This including:

Recognition in the EU: Malta is a member of the European Union, and a Maltese driver’s license is recognized throughout the EU. This means that you can legally drive in any EU country without the need for additional documentation.
Easy to obtain: Obtaining a Maltese driver’s license is relatively easy and straightforward. You can apply for a license from us and get it in a few days

International recognition:
Maltese driver’s licenses are recognized in many countries outside the EU, which can be useful if you plan to travel internationally.
Validity: Maltese driver’s licenses are valid for 10 years, which means you don’t need to renew your license frequently.

Validity: Maltese driver’s licenses are valid for 10 years, which means you don’t need to renew your license frequently.
Access to car rental: Having a Maltese driver’s license can make it easier to rent a car when traveling to other countries, as many car rental companies require a valid driver’s license.

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