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Thinking on how to uplift your ban? you can buy MPU. MPU is the abbreviation for “Medizinisch-Psychologische Untersuchung,” the German term for “medical-psychological assessment.” In Germany, drivers who commit certain traffic offenses, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reckless driving, or causing a serious accident, are required to endure a psychological and medical evaluation.

The MPU is designed to assess a driver’s fitness to operate a motor vehicle and determine whether they pose a threat to themselves or others on the road. The evaluation consists of a series of tests, including a medical exam, psychological evaluation, and driving test. If you do not want to buy MPU results, you can Buy other EU drivers Licenses and use it freely in Germany.

The MPU is conducted by independent experts trained to evaluate a driver’s physical and mental fitness to operate a motor vehicle. The evaluation can be costly and time-consuming, and passing the MPU can be difficult. Nevertheless, it is an essential measure for ensuring road safety and preventing accidents caused by irresponsible or impaired driving. This has always been a problem for many of you, and we’re aware of it. We also know that when you get off work and want to unwind before returning home, you often go to a bar for a beverage. Resolve a positive MPU immediately

How to go about with an MPU TEST

Legally, it is feasible to circumvent the MPU test. However, we do not require these legal grounds to return your driver’s license. We use our connections to do our task. In 2004, the ECJ’s Klapper case decision caused a sensation. For the first time, it was explicitly stated that the directive required the recognition of a driving license from another EU country in every instance. In contrast, a driver who possesses a valid license cannot be punished for traveling without one. This also applies if the motorist has a pending MPU in Germany. This was the last legal justification for those who wished to avoid an MPU. Contact us.

Buy passed MPU results from us

You need not be overly concerned about your MPU examination. Because of this, our service exists. We are here to assist you pass your MPU examination. You are not required to retake the MPU test. To retrieve your German driver’s license, you need only contact us to handle the necessary steps. Monthly, we assist at least 50 clients in Germany in regaining their driving privileges. In addition, fifty percent of these clients have MPU issues, which we always resolve and have their backs. We are available at all times, so do not let the MPU test prevent you from obtaining your German driver’s license.


  1. Carolina Jakoski

    I am Carolina from Germany, i have been trying to get a German drivers license for two years and it haven’t been working for me, I contacted them and thought it was all a joke , they gave me the procedure and i followed it and today i received my drivers license and i have just done a test drive and i have passed through checkpoints without any problem , i will also recommend you guys to all my friends, i am happy for this services .

  2. Laria Mat

    My sincere appreciatoin this website for their competency. At first I did nt believe I could buy MPU online and be able to drive again without traffic police interup

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