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You need to buy  Swedish drivers license in order to drive in Sweden. Driving license travel, or the idea that you’ll save a lot of money if you get your license abroad is becoming more and more common. This, however, is deceptive because exams are most harder to bypass. Before one can register for a Swedish driver’s license, he or she must have lived or studied in Sweden for at least six months. 

A complete health assessment statement and an eye exam are required for a driver’s license. In addition, so-called Risk 1 and Risk 2 courses must be completed, each of which costs approximately 300 euros. The average cost of a Swedish driver’s license is comparable to that of a German license, at around €1,500, but the unfamiliar environment and driving style can result in costly driving lessons. Check how to Order and place an Order to get a real Swedish drivers license

Buy Swedish driving license without Driving practical or driving theory exam

With us you don’t have to travel to Sweden to get your driving licence. We make your life easier and you can acquire your license from home, without a travel application, driving school, health tests and a minimum of 6 months domicile. Order yours Swedish driving license in Germany and in just 3 days you can start and be mobile in Sweden!
Incidentally, this is very appropriate for people who are not often at home and work a lot abroad, but whose family and children reside in Sweden. Because the quantity of time alone often does not make it possible for them Swedish driver’s license to master, because the many hours and applications make this a true torment. Rely on us, our Swedish driving licenses are registered in databases and you can drive freely with your new driving license throughout the EU, as well as in some other countries. We also provide EU drivers license of other countries.

Driving in Sweden is generally safe and convenient, with well-maintained roads and a strong focus on safety. However, there are some important things to keep in mind if you plan on driving in Sweden:

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    I lost my driver’s license a few weeks before my flight and I couldn’t get a new one in time. I found this website and ordered a Swedish driver’s license. It was a lifesaver! I was able to use it at the airport and during my trip without any hassle

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