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Serbian drivers license


Buy Serbian driving license: Driving licenses issued in EU are recognized in the Republic of Serbi. , Drivers License from Other Countries are not fully recognized unless a test is taken. An international driving permit is issued based on the International Convention on Road Traffic (Vienna, 1968). Also its in accordance with the provisions of the road traffic safety laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia.  Contact us now to place an Order


         Buy Serbian driving license: Discover the beautiful scenery, amazing architecture and relaxing feel of Serbia. This is a place to be for a quiet getaway from all the stress! Serbia driving license your own car to get to one tourist spot to another with relative ease. you can always contact us to get you Serbian drivers license with us within few days. Check how to Order here

Important things to remember while driveing in serbia

If you plan on driving in Serbia, here are some important things to keep in mind:
Carry Required Documents: When driving in Serbia, you are required to carry your driver’s license, passport, and proof of insurance. If you are driving a rental car, make sure to carry the rental agreement as well.
Follow Traffic Rules: It is important to follow traffic rules and regulations while driving in Serbia. This includes obeying speed limits, traffic signals, and road signs. Be aware that there are many speed cameras on Serbian roads, and fines for speeding can be steep. We offer all drivers license categories

Serbian drivers license category

Use Seat Belts: You must wear seat belts while driving in Serbia, and it is also mandatory for all passengers to wear seat belts. Children under 12 years of age must sit in the back seat, and children under 3 years of age must use a child seat.
Avoid Drunk Driving: The legal blood-alcohol limit in Serbia is 0.03%. It is illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and fines and penalties can be severe.

Watch for Pedestrians: Pedestrians have the right of way in Serbia, and drivers must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. Be aware that many pedestrians may not use designated crosswalks, so it is important to be vigilant at all times.

Carry Emergency Kit: It is a good idea to carry an emergency kit in your car, including a first-aid kit, a warning triangle, and a reflective vest. 

Be Prepared for Road Hazards: Some roads in Serbia can be narrow and winding, and there may be hazards such as potholes, animals, and slow-moving vehicles. Be prepared to drive defensively and watch for these hazards.


driving in Serbia requires careful attention to traffic rules and regulations, as well as awareness of road hazards and other drivers. By following these tips, you can help ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience in Serbia. you can always get to us if you a serbian drivers license. Click here to read more about our products. Buy EU drivers license



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