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Are you almost giving up and accepting the fact that you need a license to sail or drive a motorboat in Germany. Even though there are two kinds of licenses, SBF Binnen (for lakes and rivers) and See/Küstenschein (for the open seas), the main difference between them is where you can operate a boat. The See/Küstenschein license is needed to sail on open seas like the North Sea, Baltic Sea, and Mediterranean Sea. Authentic Documents guarantee you safe and genuine boat license.

The SBF Binnen license is needed to sail on lakes and rivers. The SBF See/Küstenschein license may also let you operate boats with more powerful engines and in more difficult conditions than the SBF Binnen license. Because of this, we took it upon ourselves to make sure you have this privilege. Get your BAOT license right away by contacting us. 

Benefits of holding a Boat License in Germany

There are many good reasons to get a boat license in Germany. First of all, in Germany, you need a license to drive a motorboat with a motor of more than 5 horsepower. Second, having a license is a good way to keep track of sailing trips and learn useful skills and information in case of trouble. Third, sailing licenses from Germany can also be used in other EU countries. 

Also, in some German cruising grounds, you can operate a pleasure craft without the qualification needed to be a skipper on inland waters. For longer stays, though, you need a German license for operators of pleasure crafts. Having a license also lets you drive boats in other countries where your skills are German boat license online

how to purchase a German Boat license

To get a German boat license, you must first take and pass a recognized training course. The course usually includes both classroom and hands-on trainin and how to run a boat. But we’re here to help you skip all the tests and practical training once you know how to run a boat . We also know how much fun it is to sail around with your loved ones or family, and we don’t want anything to stand in the way of you having all the fun in the world. Contact us now to get your German boat license.


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