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Belgian boat license

Buy Belgian Boat License

As sailing becomes more common in Belgium, you will need to buy Belgian boat license. I know that people with yachts and boats have the best lives, but if you don’t have a boat license, you will be stopped in the middle of a lake or river for inspections. We want to change that, so get your Belgian boat license from us now , you must have a sea license (coastal, sea card, etc.) if your boat can go faster than 20 km/h (10.8 knots) or is longer than 15 meters. But there are no limits on how far you can navigate, no matter what kind of license you have. 

Also, the International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC) which we can provide you is accepted as proof of competence in most EU and Mediterranean waters, including Belgium. The ICC shows that the person who has it has been trained in a formal way and knows how to run a boat in international waters. You can also Buy drivers license and other Country boat license.

importants of having a Belgium Boat License

In Belgium, you need a boating license to go on inland waterways if your boat is longer than 15 meters or has an engine that can go 20 km/h or faster. The license makes sure that the boat operator knows how to handle a boat in international waters. You can contact us.

A study about licenses for pleasure boats in the European Union also says that Belgium has one of Europe’s longest coastlines, which makes it a great place to go boating for fun. So, if you want to boat legally and safely in Belgium, you need a Belgian boat license which we are here to help you with that .

how to purchase a Belgian boat License

We are always available for you to buy a Belgian boat license . It only takes us a week to deliver one to you, during this time we will register it and print a hard copy for you. Our experts will explain everything about your Belgian boat license, including the cost. Apply now and enjoy all the benefits of owning Belgium boat license. check other products.


  1. Mohamed Alih

    i can now Cruz my Boat with my Belgian boat license thank you guys very much for the help .

  2. mandy p

    i thought geting a Belgian boat license online was not possible , i just realize you guys are skilled.

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