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How we started

We bring fourth a solution to a very common problem people face in every society. To explain further, we cannot over emphasize the difficulty that a lot of people face in getting a driving license, a passport, an id card or a residence permit. Also, these documents do not only serve for identification but also assists us to be able to carry out basic transactions, movements and work in every country we find ourselves in. That said, our business has been built around the principle of using our connections and abilities to deliver authentic documents to clients wherever they are. With this vision in mind, we have been able to provide documents to lots of clients world wide.

Our business driven by the increasing demand

As we all know, the refugee crises and situation across  the world has been growing with continuous instability. Also, we have more people traveling in search for greener pastures and jobs. Moreover, even for people who are stable in one country, there are issues such as driving license ban. Driving license ban may come as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition to this, there is also the phenomena of failing the driving test while you know you can actually drive or you have a driving license from another country and it is difficult to change into another country’s driving license as there is not enough time to redo the test. Finally, given all these, we are open for you to simply contact us and place an order for your document.

Brief History

Our organization was formed in Germany by a few multinational agents. In this light, two Americans and a Russian conceived this business idea while working on a joint project in Germany. This happened in 2013 and along with other friends who bought the idea began to expand a network of partners who facilitate the procurement of authentic personal documents. Therefore, we gain experience and expand to more countries over the years. In addition to this, we have gathered a huge following through clients recommendations. To conclude, with a long history and also haven faced some challenges along the way we guarantee our clients that we are the best to provide their desired documents.

How we operate

Our operations are simple. If you want to buy a document from us, the first step is to either fill in the application form for the particular document or to contact us via email or whatsapp or any other communication link on this website. Once you contact us, we will normally have several agent online who will respond to you almost immediately. Once contact is created with our agents, it all comes down to a explaining exactly want document you need, getting the requirements and placing an order.

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